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Dennis and Donna Fortin lead the family farm.

4-10 Hogs is a family run business, where everyone plays a unique and vital role and is actively involved in the business.  The keystone is and has always been Dennis and Donna as they have supported and helped their sons, Denny, Dale, and Dustin, pursue their dreams and goals.  When Denny and Dale where teenagers, the foundation for the farm was laid by building the barn showing livestock at the county level.  Denny and Dale began to teach their younger brother Dustin what it would take to be successful and then went to college, leaving the farm in the hands of Dustin and Dennis and Donna.  Dustin began to pursue his dream of a successful hog farm with a contagious enthusiasm, learning everything he could and growing the business.  When Dustin's life was tragically cut short in 2004, the Fortin's decided to continue to grow and develop 4-10 Hogs. 


With the family now living in the Waterford area, various members plays a vital and ongoing role in it's success.  Whether it’s daily chores, special construction projects, farrowing baby pigs, training show pigs, showing pigs at shows in Pennsylvania and New York, or providing preventative care, you’ll find Dennis and Donna taking the lead with other family members close behind including the grandkids.  

Much of the Fortin family pitch in to operate the far in addition being big Pittsburgh Pirate fans. (Pictured Left to Right: Dennis, Gabe (10), Donna, Noah (4), Logan (11), Denny, and Lisa.)

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4-10 Hogs

1426 Link Hull Rd.

Waterford, PA 16441


Donna: 814-873-5411



Dennis: 814-873-2989



Denny: 814-449-0913


Our farm mascot, Henry the donkey, is well into his teenage years and permanent member of the family. He loves his friends at the farm and lets us know if anything is out of line.
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