Dustin Fortin

This page is dedicated to our son, our brother, our uncle, and our friend, Dustin Thomas Fortin. In his short 19 years, Dustin left a lasting impact on the lives he touched.  Please take some time to look at some of our favorite pictures and leave a comment below.

Please share a thought or memory about Dustin with us below...


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  • Heather Salter (Friday, October 02 15 08:23 pm EDT)

    He was so sweet. I remember how patient he was when he let Amelia and Taylor ride his peg donkey. They had a blast! And how about the goosebumps he sent up my arms when he sang kareoke at Dale's
    benefit! Great kid! Great memories! Forever in our hearts.

  • Denny (Wednesday, September 30 15 12:02 pm EDT)

    I can't believe that he would have been 31 years old this Friday. We looked through a bunch of pictures and found these ones to share back in June. He was quite a kid. I miss him and wish he could be
    around to see his nephews. He would be so proud. It's erie how much Gabe and Noah look like him.

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